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Benefit from industry-leading actionable intelligence for global asset managers and investment decision-makers, all on one integrated platform.

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Simfund is the premier platform integrating the industry’s best-in-class proprietary and third-party data sets for advanced business intelligence across every major fund market. With easy-to-use, flexible dashboards and reporting applications for executives to analysts, Simfund streamlines information dissemination and collaboration across the product life-cycle and organization.

Providing full transparency of assets, flows, performance, and other fund characteristics at the share class level, together with modular data sets including:

  • Fund of funds: enabling users to identify opportunities and examine relationships between fund of funds and their fund holdings globally;
  • Responsible investing data: an expanded ESG data set including SFDR classifications (Articles 6, 8,9) inclusive of historical data, breadth of ESG data attributes, and ISS ESG fund rating data;
  • Fee and expenses: comprehensive coverage for UK and Irish domiciled funds to support Assessment of Value reporting and customized peer benchmarking analytics;
  • Consortium participation: consortium members can size markets including cross-border fund opportunities with gross and net flows, analyze their market share and ranking across multiple dimensions within each country;
  • Research insights: powered by Simfund, at the forefront of thorough, unbiased, and actionable business intelligence.

Simfund’s actionable insights support a broad range of use cases  


Assess which products to develop and which markets to enter; monitor characteristics of top-selling funds and which new funds are launching; understand how products compare on ESG data points.


Quantify the market size and relative market share; analyze peer fees and expenses including benchmarking outsourced providers; stay ahead of industry trends.



Identity which competitor funds are outperforming in their respective sectors; understand who is winning/losing fund flows; learn how fees differ at share class levels.


Evaluate fund flows across multiple dimensions and regions; identify areas of opportunity and risk.

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U.K. Model Portfolios Outperform Overall Fund Sales, ISS Market Intelligence Finds

The report highlights a significant surge in model portfolio investment fund sales in the second half of the year, an 11% growth compared to 2% for the entire investment fund channel on a trailing six-month gross sales basis. Model portfolio sales comprised 53% of all investment fund sales in the second half of the year.



New Brit ISA Policy: ISS MI Data Shows Decline in Demand Across Europe for Domestic Investments

The Brit ISA policy, aimed at directing investments towards UK companies, comes at a time when data indicates a shifting landscape in investor preferences. Analysis conducted by ISS MI reveals a notable decrease in demand for domestic equity funds not only in the UK but also in key European markets such as Germany and France.


ISS Market Intelligence Report Reveals Scale as Key Driver for RIA Growth

Leveraging data from across ISS MI, including advisor sentiment and behavior survey results and in-depth qualitative interviews with asset managers, product providers, RIA practices, custodians/platform providers, wholesalers, and related industry experts, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the retail RIA, including RIA only and the hybrid RIA marketplace.



New Data Sets: Fees and Expenses For UK and Irish Domiciled Funds

New Data Sets: Fees and Expenses For UK and Irish Domiciled Funds

Asset managers focusing on the UK and Irish fund markets now have access to comprehensive fee and expense
information covering the UK and Irish domiciled fund universe through Simfund...

Global Consortium-1

Simfund Global Consortium

Consortium is a cross-border benchmarking tool that enables you to analyze key product attributes compared to peers by region, country and sector. 





Screenshots from the Simfund platform overlaid over one another, focusing on the ESG and SFDR data sets

Expanded Data Sets: ESG and SFDR Data Attributes

Simfund now enables more granular fund analysis through the introduction of an expanded global Responsible Investing data set.




Screenshots of the Simfund platform, focusing on the Fund of Funds section

Simfund Fund of Funds Holdings

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive domestic and cross-border fund and ETF data globally, Simfund Fund of Funds facilitates detailed analysis of fund of funds and their respective allocations.


Screenshot 2024-04-12 115854

Simfund Global

Simfund Global is the premier, cloud-based platform integrating the industry’s best-in-breed proprietary and third-party datasets for advanced business intelligence across every major fund market




Demand for home-based investments declining across Europe

Over the past five years European-domiciled equity funds have been on quite the roller coaster ride—a ride that most recently climaxed between 2020-2022 as investor euphoria during the pandemic led to a spike in positive investment flows during 2020 and 2021.


Windows into Defined Contribution, Q4 2023

2022 proved to be a difficult year for stakeholders across the investment landscape. The Federal Reserve’s campaign to tamp down on historically high inflation led to substantial market declines across equity and bond markets, contributing to plunging account balances while interfering with investors’ ability to diversify via traditional strategies.


Are the Clouds Parting? – Q4 2023 Financial Adviser Sales Highlights

In this latest UK financial adviser fund sales highlights, Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz, EMEA Research Leader at ISS MI, focuses on the latest net sales trends for Q4 2023, gathered directly from platforms and asset managers.



Bharat – A Tiger Ready to Roar

India’s long-term asset management story focuses on its favorable demographics, urbanization, digitalization, rising middle class, and consequently the size of investor wallets. These features have arisen during the past decade and will help propel growth for many years to come.






Hit or Miss: Review of Our Mid-Year 2023 UK Fund Flow Forecast

Reviewing one’s fund flow forecast[1] is not for the faint of heart, as investor sentiment can change on a dime. That appears to have happened with our forecast for June to November’s UK-domiciled fund flows. 





Holiday Fund Fact Special

With the end of the year upon us, let us reflect on what has happened so far. Another year, another challenge. Although fund flows managed to avoid a repeat of 2022’s net outflows, net sales remained muted in 2023 across many regions. Hiding beneath these muted flows, however, were many stories of success. 




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