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Benefit from industry-leading actionable intelligence for global asset managers and investment decision-makers, all on one integrated platform.

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Simfund is the premier platform integrating the industry’s best-in-class proprietary and third-party data sets for advanced business intelligence across every major fund market. With easy-to-use, flexible dashboards and reporting applications for executives to analysts, Simfund streamlines information dissemination and collaboration across the product life-cycle and organization.

Providing full transparency of assets, flows, performance, and other fund characteristics at the share class level, together with modular data sets including:

  • Fund of funds: enabling users to identify opportunities and examine relationships between fund of funds and their fund holdings globally;
  • Responsible investing data: an expanded ESG data set including SFDR classifications (Articles 6, 8,9) inclusive of historical data, breadth of ESG data attributes, and ISS ESG fund rating data;
  • Fee and expenses: comprehensive coverage for UK and Irish domiciled funds to support Assessment of Value reporting and customized peer benchmarking analytics;
  • Consortium participation: consortium members can size markets including cross-border fund opportunities with gross and net flows, analyze their market share and ranking across multiple dimensions within each country;
  • Research insights: powered by Simfund, at the forefront of thorough, unbiased, and actionable business intelligence.

Simfund’s actionable insights support a broad range of use cases  

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Assess which products to develop and which markets to enter; monitor characteristics of top-selling funds and which new funds are launching; understand how products compare on ESG data points  

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Quantify the market size and relative market share; analyze peer fees and expenses including benchmarking outsourced providers; stay ahead of industry trends  

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Identity which competitor funds are outperforming in their respective sectors; understand who is winning/losing fund flows; learn how fees differ at share class levels

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Evaluate fund flows across multiple dimensions and regions; identify areas of opportunity and risk  

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Press & News

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Simfund Platform Launches Comprehensive Fee and Expense Intelligence for U.K. Domiciled Funds

LONDON (June 5, 2023) – ISS Market Intelligence (ISS MI), a unit of Institutional Shareholder Services and leading global provider of data, analytics, insights, media...

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ISS MI Expands ESG and SFDR Information on Simfund Platform

NEW YORK (February 22, 2023) – ISS Market Intelligence (ISS MI), a unit of Institutional Shareholder Services and leading global provider of data, analytics, insights...



New Data Sets: Fees and Expenses For UK and Irish Domiciled Funds

New Data Sets: Fees and Expenses For UK and Irish Domiciled Funds

Asset managers focusing on the UK and Irish fund markets now have access to comprehensive fee and expense
information covering the UK and Irish domiciled fund universe through Simfund...

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Simfund Global

The solution of choice for leading asset managers and investment decision-makers for 20+ years...





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Expanded Data Sets: ESG and SFDR Data Attributes

Simfund now enables more granular fund analysis through the introduction of an expanded global Responsible Investing data set.




Screenshots of the Simfund platform, focusing on the Fund of Funds section

Simfund Fund of Funds Holdings

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive domestic and cross-border fund and ETF data globally, Simfund Fund of Funds facilitates detailed analysis of fund of funds and their respective allocations.




Fewer Seeds (Funds) Being Planted as European Investment Flows Have Evaporated

As the fortunes of the traditional Launching an investment fund takes a great deal of proverbial elbow grease. It requires buy-in and participation across an organization. It is also fraught with risk, as investment success is hardly assured and the likelihood of reaching economically viable scale is relatively low. 


The Active ETF Race is On. What Are the Odds of Winning?

As the fortunes of the traditional mutual fund have faded, active managers have looked to ETFs as tomorrow’s growth engine. They are not wrong to do so:  Over the next five years, active ETFs enjoy stronger growth prospects than any other vehicle type.



Mutual-Fund-Sales-to-See-Relief-from-Drought-Conditions-but-Expect-the-Climate-to-Remain-Weak (1)

Mutual Fund Sales to See Relief from Drought Conditions, but Expect the Climate to Remain Weak

Mutual fund and ETF providers have lived in different sales universes over the past couple years. After record-breaking flows boosted both vehicles in 2021, sales of mutual funds—especially active ones–fell through the floor in 2022...



ISS-MI-2024-2028-Outlook-for-Long-term-Assets (1)

ISS MI Five-Year Growth Outlook for Funds: Assets to Rise by $12 trillion, Bond Funds to Regain Share

In this still-young decade, fund managers have been roiled by outside forces: a global pandemic, political and social turmoil, high inflation, and the fastest increase in interest rates in decades. 


Gone Fishing (For Sales Leads)

Are sales data and prospect lists really that different? If your sales team is provided a one-time list of 100, 500 or 1,000 contacts, how long will that keep the team active?


Windows into Defined Contribution, Q2 2023

ISS MI has released the latest edition in the Windows into Defined Contribution series. The Q2 2023 edition covers recent trends in the advisor-sold defined contribution (DC) market, focusing on the relative sales experienced by mutual funds and collective investment trusts (CITs).


Failure to launch – Q2 2023 Financial Adviser Sales Highlights

In this latest UK financial adviser fund sales highlights, Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz, EMEA Research Leader at ISS MI, focuses on the latest net and gross sales trends for Q2 2023, gathered directly from platforms and asset managers. 

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DC Plans Push Through Downturn, Prepare for Bounceback

Retirement savers ended 2022 on shakier ground than the year prior. Capital markets experienced their sharpest annual declines since 2008, with both equity and bond markets feeling the sting from higher interest rates.

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A Six-month Review of our UK Fund Forecast

The Hangover, predicted that economic uncertainty, particularly at the household level, would continue to cast a shadow across the UK-domiciled fund industry—